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Delbi 2 – new Estlat Interreg programme project


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Delbi 2 aim is to continue developement of active cooperation between Estonian and Latvian companies. There is sound history of business ties beteween two communites already from the beginning of 90´s. Especially strong cooperation during this time can be noted between Estonian CCI Tartu office and Latvian CCI Vidzeme office. Export activities in both regions have to be enlarged and longer perspective is to rise SME´s competitivness. Neighbourhood business cooperation and export development is good training platform for SMEs in small market. This can be perfect opportunity for the future, together can be developed export  to larger target countries. SME´s alone are not strong enough, lacking financial and know-how how  to work in larger markets, but together  they can develop common solutions.

Delbi 2 objectives are:

To increase cross border cooperation between food, wood and tourism SMEs and start-ups, these are defined project target sectors, based on statistics, competences and previous experience.

Deepen the cooperation between Estonian and Latvian businesssupport organizations by united project as well involving  important partners and stakeholders.

Increase SMEs competitiveness by increasing export / import knowledge and understanding about EST – LAT market opportunities between Estonian and Latvian SMEs; The project is based on the need for relevant, practical and active business events, what brings companies together in real business environment – expos, trade missions, forums etc.

Delbi 2 project target groups can be divided to 2 main goups:

direct beneficiaries: SME companies in EstLat programme area,  stakeholders: Food, tourism and wood sector associations, clusters and unions and trade chambers; vocational schools and univercities, regional development agencies

Delbi 2 project outcome is in it´s big choice of various activities. Our mission is to promote cross-border entrepreneurship between Estonia and Latvia. To unite companies and practices in both sides of the border.

There will be 4 type of events planned during
the project period 2017-2019:

Project is open from 01.04.2017 – 31.03.2020

Leadpartner is Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, partners Estonian Business Chamber in Latvia, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tartu and Tartu Teaduspark.

Project Delbi 2  total amount is 380,415.10 EUR, Interregi Eesti-Läti programm support      313,283.01 EUR

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