Eesti Kaubanduskoda Lätis

Estonian Business Chamber is the first association of Estonian companies and enterpreneurs abroad. Associacion was established on Aprill 2007, by 30 Estonian companies in oder to initiate the representative organisation of the Estonian business in Latvia.

EBCL together with LCCI, ECCI Tartu and Tartu Teaduspark is participating Estlat Interreg project Delbi 2.

Delbi 2 is continuation to the Estlat programme entepreneurial project Delbi 2012-2014. Our aim in the both
projects was and is to facilitate active cooperation between Estonian and Latvian companies.

Cross-border companies need practical and relevant B2B matchmaking. It is very important to promote business climate and opportunities in each country, to make them attractive for starting partnership and exchange of ideas, to start traiding or joint-venture with interested companies.

Delbi 2 objectives are:
– To increase cross border cooperation between food, wood and tourism SMEs and start-ups, these are defined project target sectors, based on statistics, competences and previous experience.

– Deepen the cooperation between Estonian and Latvian businesssupport organizations by united project as well involving  important partners and stakeholders.

– Increase SMEs competitiveness by increasing export / import knowledge and understanding about EST – LAT market opportunities between Estonian and Latvian SMEs; The project is based on the need for relevant, practical and active business events, what brings companies together in real business environment – expos, trade missions, forums etc.

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